Insurgent Citizens was an exhibition commissioned by the Nelson Mandela Foundation and conceived with SERI who were the content developers. Protest was the subject: who is protesting, where and for what reasons. In the third decade of the South African democracy what were the primary triggers for protest? A state failing at service delivery statistically accounted for the largest number of protests. The attendant problems of endemic corruption and incompetence were also explored in the exhibition. But other causes of dissent were included in the installation, including the horrific prevalence of rape and domestic violence in the country, as well as continuing prejudice against LGBTI subjects. The exhibition used iconic images of protest recognizable to many citizens from press coverage. These included the ‘Remember Khwezi’ protest, the ‘Man in the Green Blanket’ image from the Marikana protests and an image of two young men kissing at Stellenbosch University.  

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