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Kruger Park Interpretive Plan
Our Sophia Town / 2010
Old Fort Interpretive Planning / 2007
Sharpeville / 2009
Project Name: Sharpeville
Client: Urban Genesis
Client Contact Person: Graeme Reid

Trace was part of a large multi disciplinary team that worked on a report to develop a heritage precinct in and around the Sharpeville Police Station where 69 people were killed in March 1960.

Key Responsibilities:

Lauren Segal

Trace Personnel Involved:

Trace was specifically responsible for drawing up plans for the complete redesign of the Sharpeville Museum; creating a link known as “Constitution Walk” between the Sharpeville Museum and Sharpeville Stadium where the constitution was signed in 1996; creating public artwork for the precinct; creating a memorial in the Sharpeville cemetery where the victims of the Sharpeville massacre were buried. Many aspects of the plan were implemented in the course of 2009 and 2010.

Tel: +27 82 554 0747 (Lauren) / +27 82 335 4586 (Clive)