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/ All From One Exhibition / 2015

Client: Paleontology Scientific Trust (PAST)

Client Contact Person: Andrea Leenen and Professor Rob Blumenschine

The All From One exhibition draws on scientific evidence about our shared human origins and the shared origins of all life forms in order to challenge commonly held ideas about humankind and our place in nature and as a potent force for tolerance, unity, collaboration and conservation.

On the unique structure built by trace - which resembles a strand of DNA - visitors interact with four questions which demonstrate that they are unique, but that they share strong bonds of similarity with all other people, based on a deeply rooted common humanity. As a species, visitors come to see that they are but one twig among millions on the tree of life that sustains us all. Visitors move around in and around structure thus becoming part of the exhibit.

The key message of the experience is that we have so much in common with one another and with other living things. Yet, we often focus on differences. Among people, the differences are used to justify discrimination, oppression and strife. We tend to see other species as resources to exploit, pests to eliminate, or as not worthy of our attention at all.

The exhibition – which has a virtual component as part of the PAST website - asks the visitor to add their face to the Face of Humanity and to pledge their commitment to one of the four ideals of the All from One campaign in any of these ways:

  • Take your photo and making your pledge in the mobile photo booth.
  • Write your name and indicate your commitment to tolerance, unity, collaboration or conservation. You can also leave a message.
  • Go online at www.past.org.za/AllfromOne
  • Scan the QR code for a direct link on your smart device.

The exhibition was launched in the plaza outside the new Standard Bank building in Rosebank. It has travelled to the Soweto Theatre and will continue its journey to other places in South Africa, Kenya and Tanzania, Dubai and other places where the campaign will be launched.

Tel: +27 82 554 0747 (Lauren) / +27 82 335 4586 (Clive)