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/ Letšeng Diamond Discovery Centre / 2016

This exhibition charted the history of diamond mining in Lesotho and at the Letseng mine in particular. It outlined the geological origin of diamonds, their worldwide locations, the various types of mining used for extraction and the cultural history of the gems. The complex journey of a diamond from deep under the earth to the necks of film stars and the crowns of royalty is given compelling visual and spatial form.

The economy of diamonds is very important in Lesotho, being a major employer and contributor to social upliftment projects. These are outlined, as are the career options available in the industry.

The design of the exhibition used both the gritty reality of underground mining as well as the glamour of the finished product as inspiration. Carpets depict the geological formation of the stones millennia ago whilst the walls are faced with images of the rock face from which the gems are extracted.

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