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Satyagraha House  2011

R1 million 

Voyageurs du Monde

Jean François Rial


In 1908, Hermann Kallenbach, a Jewish architect originally from Lithuania, designed and built a home in Oaklands, then on the outskirts of Johannesburg. This house, which he named ‘The Kraal,’ was to become the place where Mahatma Gandhi lived with Kallenbach from 1908 -1910. It was here, that Gandhi forged his ideals around non-violence and became deeply involved in the “Satyagraha” or passive resistance movement to fight against discrimination of the Indian community in South Africa.

In 2009, a dynamic French travel company, Voyageurs du Monde, bought the house, with the vision to transform it into a unique destination that is both a guest house and an indoor and outdoor museum. They appointed Trace to bring the history of the house to life and to tell the story of how Gandhi, along with Kallenbach and his other friends in Johannesburg, came to inspire the world with his values and actions. Bon-Bon was contracted by Trace to design the exhibition component of the museum.

The museum has since received acclaim on all spheres, for its simple yet beautiful design in keeping with the museums function as a guest house. The content is well researched and informative without being overwhelming, and the overall approach of the museum which was to reflect Gandhi’s ethics and value systems. Visitors staying in or visiting the Satyagraha Guest House, experience Gandhi’s principles of life and learn more about the relationships that facilitated the development of these principles.

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