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/ Number Four – The Making of Constitution Hill / 2006

By Lauren Segal, Sharon Cort and Karen Martin

Designed by Clive van den Berg
Published by Penguin Books

Number Four – The Making of Constitution Hill, tells the story of the making of Constitution Hill from the time that the prisons were abandoned until the present. The book marks some of the key junctures along the way in the making of the site – the abandonment of the prisons in 1983; the rescue of the place by the Constitutional Court judges; the development of Constitution Hill as an important part of inner city regeneration; the arrival of the heritage makers to tease out the ghosts from the crevices of the stonework; the return of the prisoners; the reclamation of the space by the public. The story is told through a series of quotes so as to give the reader a first-hand account of the many different people and the complex issues involved in turning this extraordinary dream into a reality.

Chief Justice Pius Langa comments:
"Paging through the pages of this book is a journey through division, prejudice and suffering; it is a depiction of heroism and a refusal to submit to oppression; it is finally an eloquent and graphic expression of the triumph of the South African people over adversity. These pages are a celebration of how the worst that South Africa had been has been turned into a great symbol of freedom and hope, presaging the best that humanity can offer."

The publishers comment: 
”This is a beautifully presented book detailing the transformation of a derelict prison site into the home of the Constitutional Court and a prime tourist destination in inner-city Johannesburg. 
The book is published in conjunction with the Johannesburg Development Agency and Constitution Hill.” 
The book has received critical acclaim. It has been reviewed in several publications, was chosen by Exclusive Books as one of the top 25 non-fiction titles in South Africa in 2006 and has been short-listed for the Alan Paton Award in 2007.

Trace personnel involved:
 Lauren Segal – Editor, 
Clive van den Berg - Designer, 
Churchill Madikida – Photography , 
Clive van den Berg, Lauren Segal and Churchill Madikida – Writers

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