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/ Constitution Square Hoardings / 2003

The rationale for the exhibition of large scale poster-size faces of women ex-prisoners on the hoardings of Constitution Square was twofold. Firstly, forming the western edge of Constitution Square, the hoardings were a very visible and prominent space on site. Attention was immediately drawn to this area as the visitors entered Constitution Square and this surface therefore provided a perfect opportunity to create an exhibition with high visual impact.

Secondly, the Women's Jail was under construction at the time that the site was opened to the public in 2003. The curatorial team felt it important to make sure that there women ex-prisoners were none the less present in some way on site. The photographs of the women and the quotes that appear on the hoardings were drawn from the workshops of the women ex-prisoners who returned to the site to share their stories with us. The hoarding exhibition was the first step towards displaying the memories and reclaiming the dignity of these women, prioir to the opening of the permanent exhibition in the Women's Jail.

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