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/ The Boipatong Memorial / 2013

In 2013, Trace was employed to create the exhibition for the newly built Boipatong Memorial Centre. While the history of the Boipatong massacre is complex and contested, the vision of the memorial is simple. It is to honour, remember and pay tribute to the victims of one of the most brutal events in South African history. The memorial also honours the other members of the Boipatong community who lost their lives in the struggle for freedom and democracy.

Trace developed the following mission statement for the memorial in consultation with the community:

  • The Memorial first and foremost commemorates and honours the people who were killed in the massacre as well as the broader community of Boipatong. It will provide a space for their stories to be told.
  • It seeks to deepen our understandings of the paths that led to our newfound democracy.
  • It encourages visitors to enter into dialogue and debate in order to understand how Boipatong was turned into a killing field.
  • The memorial offers a place of healing, respite and contemplation as well as a place of learning in the midst of the still poor community of Boipatong.
  • It will a place where the people of Boipatong can access the archive and materials related to the massacre.

The community of Boipatong were centrally involved in the fabrication of the exhibition. A team of artists were trained in mosaic work and created 3 murals for the Centre. Mothers of the victims of the massacre were trained in tapestry and they embroidered several of the Story panels of the exhibition.

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