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/ Freedom Park / 2013
Freedom Park, 2006-2013

VALUE 2500 M2
R56 million exhibition budget  

Freedom Park Trust

Sipho Mdanda

Trace designer Clive van den Berg was commissioned for the exhibition design in //Hapo, the interactive historical museum at Freedom Park in Pretoria.

Freedom Park is a National Legacy Project and South Africa’s most ambitious heritage initiative. Its mission is “provide a pioneering and empowering heritage destination that challenges visitors to reflect upon our past, improve our present and build on our future as a united nation”. Located on Salvokop at the edge of Pretoria, it stands in a direct line between the Voortrekker Monument and the Union Buildings. It is an extraordinary project set at a historical crossroads. Its central theme is the struggle of humanity for freedom in South Africa.

The exhibition displays many precious objects from different periods of South Africa’s history. There is a large audio visual component to the exhibit with films completed in several different styles. These range  from hand drawn animations which tell the stories of the creation myths in Africa to archive driven films from across the decades to films which focus on the  oral testimonies of ordinary and extraordinary South Afrians..

Tel: +27 82 554 0747 (Lauren) / +27 82 335 4586 (Clive)