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/ Newtown Heritage Trail / 2008

The Newtown Heritage Trail, a project by the Newtown Management District, is a dynamic initiative expressing new information about Newtown’s past, contemporary history and living heritage. The trail was designed to give the visitor the best overview of the historical, industrial, artistic and architectural past that went into Joburg’s premier cultural district.

Trace was commissioned to research, write and design the signage which has been erected along the heritage trail. The signs are numerically and colour coded, these correspond to the brochure accompanying the trail as well as the three precincts of Newtown; the Market, Electrical and Transport precinct. The 19 signs placed throughout Newtown are situated alongside historically and culturally significant institutions, landmarks and buildings.

There is a website dedicated to the Newtown Heritage Trail deepens the experience of the Trail and makes the rich heritage and vibrant cultural life of the Newtown precinct more accessible to visitors.

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