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/ Sunday Times Multimedia Project / 2008-9
Lauren Segal developed – and was project director – of this multimedia project that was created as an extension to the Sunday Times Heritage Project (STHP). The STHP erected memorials around the country marking some of the compelling moments in 100 years of the Sunday Times history on the spot where they happened, as interpreted by selected artists.

The multimedia project extended the scope of the Sunday Times initiative by developing products designed to deepen a collective knowledge base around heritage and good heritage practice for the purpose of community building and reconciliation. This project included creating radio inserts on some of the Sunday Times memorials, a book entitled Great Lives, Pivotal Moments, building an interactive website as well as the creation of a CD Roms which tells the story of one of the memorial sites, John Vorster Square.

The collaboration also involved an oral history project with schools in three provinces, as well as school participation in building of new Sunday Time’s memorials in three outlying towns in Gauteng.

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