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/ Children's Room at Constitutional Hill / 2003
The Children’s Room at Constitution Hill is a multipurpose facility dedicated to the needs of children and focused on the promotion of the Children’s Bill of Rights and constitutional values. It was developed as part of the creation of the heritage site to cater specifically for the needs of children. The mission developed for the room was to bring to life the Children’s Bill of Rights in an African, tactile, fun and interactive way so that all children can work alongside their families in beginning to understand their attitudes, feelings, values, behavior and rights as well as beginning to understand their responsibilities.

The room is designed around the notion of 'justice under the tree'. The large tree structure in the centre of the space is an echo of the foyer of the Constitutional Court where the tree was used as the architectural metaphor to bring this welcoming space of the Court to life. In the Children’s Room, the tree is an interactive climbing frame. It also offers space for lekgotlas to take place under its branches as well as other relevant activities. Since opening, the room has become a place where children and their families are exposed to and come to enact the values and rights of the Constitution through interactive displays and activities. Families from diverse backgrounds also interact and engage with each other.  Visitors have the opportunity to see the nation at work in the making of its young democracy.

The Children’s Room ensures that a visit to Constitution Hill is relevant and meaningful for children, young people and their families.

Tel: +27 82 554 0747 (Lauren) / +27 82 335 4586 (Clive)